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Semrush Acquires SEO Training Company Backlinko.com, Adds 500K in Monthly Traffic

All-in-one marketing intelligence and search engine optimization software, Semrush. Marketing professionals in the following industries can benefit from Semrush tools and reports: Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Public Relations, Content Marketing, Marketing Insights, and Campaign Management are all included in SEO.

Jan 24, 202278.1K Shares1M ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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Semrush has purchased Baclinko.com, one of the top blogs for learning about digital marketing methods.Brian Dean, the company's founder, made the announcement.

Backlinko Sold : Semrush Acquired Backlinko | Adds 500k in Monthly Traffic

Backlinko Acquisition By Semrush

Brian Dean, a blogger, developed Backlinko in 2012.Digital marketing and more specifically SEOand link buildinghave made it one of the most popular blogs.

The acquisition of Backlinko by Semrush was officially disclosed by Brian Dean on January 20th, 2022, through Twitter ( SEOwebsite auditing and keyword research company).

The purchase price was kept under wraps for the time being.

Semrush's SVP of marketing, Max Roslyakov, sent Brian an email hinting that the company was interested in purchasing Backlinko, Brian claims.Backlinko agreed to be bought by Semrush, despite previously rejecting other takeover proposals, because it was a perfect fit.

As part of the agreement with Semrush, Brian Dean will continue to work part-time for Backlinko in the near future.

Backlinko has long been a go-to source for SEO-related knowledge.

Backlinko.com is widely regarded as one of the most trusted sources of information, training, and tactics for today's digital marketers, with more than 500,000 visits each month (non-paid traffic as of December, 2021).

Since its inception in 2012, Backlinko has been devoted to providing actionable contentand video marketing, link building, social media, and SEO training.Video and text-based material, together with widgets, coding, and proprietary search engine optimizationstrategies, are all part of this package.

Semrush's ambition to inspire the present and future generations of digital marketers led to the acquisition of Backlinko.Today's marketers need not only the best technologies, but also the best training from people who are actually doing the work.

"Bringing Brian Dean and his crew into the Semrush family is a huge honor, and we couldn't be happier.We've teamed up with Semrush Academy to provide one of the most comprehensive online tools for digital marketing and SEO training "Semrush's Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Warden, made the comments."There will always be a significant demand for digital marketing professionals in nearly every industry. We know this since our customers are always looking for new ways to improve their skills.Founded by and for marketers, we want to help our fellow digital marketers become the best they can be."

Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko, and his colleagues will continue to develop the Semrush community by creating and curating unique content for the Semrush Academy after joining Semrush.

About Semrush

Using Semrush, businesses around the world can perform SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media, and competitive research campaigns, all while seeing real-time results from their online marketing efforts.Semrush helps firms design, manage, and measure campaigns across a wide range of marketing channels using its insights and solutions.

Semrush is based in Boston and has offices in Philadelphia, Dallas, Prague, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, and Limassol, all of which have over 79,000 paying clients.

Why Use SEMrush?

You'll Be Able To Gauge The Efficiency Of Your Website

It takes time to see benefits from an SEO effort.If your initiatives don't bear fruit, you're left scratching your head.You'll be able to see how effective your campaigns are using SEMrush's data.

SEMrush provides you with an in-depth analysis of your site's search engineoptimization (SEO).You'll be able to see how much organic traffic you get (as well as paid traffic).It will tell you if your website traffic is increasing or decreasing.

You'll also be able to observe how well you're doing in terms of search engine rankings.When it comes to keyword rankings, SEMrush can tell if you're doing better or worse than before.This gives you the opportunity to tweak your campaign so that it maintains or perhaps improves its ranking for your target keywords.

You’ll Find Valuable Keywords

SEO relies heavily on keyword research.Keywords are used by your audience when searching for information.When it comes to researching keywords for your campaign, SEMrush is a great resource.

You'll need to do keyword research to determine the best phrases to use in your campaign.This helps you come up with a list of keywords that are relevant to your company.

Generally, long-tail keywords should be your primary focus.These are long-tail keywords with three or more words in their title.It is best to employ long-tail keywords in your SEO campaignbecause they bring in more relevant leads to your company.

You'll also be able to see the keywords your rivals are employing with SEMrush.This is a list of keywords that your businessmay be missing out on in order to connect with more potential customers.

You'll Know Your Competitors

Monitoring your competitors is an important component of any SEO plan.For example, many of businesses will compete for the same keywords, so knowing their preferences is helpful.

With SEMrush, you can spy on your competitors' SEO campaigns.This will help you strengthen your SEO campaign and beat theirs.

It's also useful to study your competitors.They may have traffic-driving keywords.Knowing what they are can help you apply them into your own plan.

SEMrush can help you analyze and compete with your competitors.Better understanding of competition leads to more effective strategy.

You Keep Current Traffic

Your next goal should be to keep valuable traffic.You don't want to work hard to get traffic only to lose it.

It's vital to keep your leads engaged and interested in your page.

To keep your existing traffic pleased, you may use SEMrush to track locations, monitor keyword placements, and more.SEMrush has all the tools you need to keep your present traffic happy while attracting new ones.

Backlinksare vital to your internet visibility.These are links from authority sites.They boost your site's authority and trust.

Backlinks should come from reliable, authoritative sites.Google trusts your site more when it receives backlinks from well-known sites.

More valuable backlinks from SEMrush.Without gaining backlinks from a certain authority site, this program can show you where you can acquire them.

It's also a wonderful tool to see your competitors' backlinks.Their backlink count will be revealed, allowing you to improve your businessplan.


SEMrush is arguably the most popular SEO tool on the market. Originally created to help businesses enhance their organic search results, the software is always evolving to keep up with the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

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