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Public Relation Case Studies - Dive Deeper On Your PR Research

Whether you call it an art or a science, public relations is a craft that requires skill, knowledge, and determination. To do well in this field, you need to use both emotion and logic. It can be both hard work and a lot of fun. Do you want to know public relations case studies?

Nov 11, 202298 Shares2K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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  1. What Is Public Relations?
  2. Advantages Of Public Relations
  3. Disadvantages Of Public Relations
  4. Why Use Case Studies?
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Public relations are an important part of the mix of marketing tools. Most multinational companies make real efforts to manage and keep their relationships with their customers in this age of globalization. If you really want to learn more, we can give sites where you can find and read public relations case studies.

Most multinational companies have a public relations department that tries to keep an eye on how customers feel and what they think of the company. Public relations (PR) are all the different things a company does to improve and protect the public's view of the company, its products, and its policies.

What Is Public Relations?

What is Public Relations?

Public relations is a way for businesses, people, and organizations to build relationships with the public that are good for both sides. A public relations specialist writes up a customized communication planand uses the media and other direct and indirect channels to build and keep a positive brand image and a strong relationship with the target audience.

In simple terms, public relations is the strategic management of how information about an organization gets out to the public. This is done to keep the organization and its brands in good standing with the public. This process is all about –

  • What information should be released
  • How it should be drafted
  • How it should be released
  • What media should be used to release the information (usually earned or free media is used for the same)

Advantages Of Public Relations

  • The public is more likely to believe something that comes from a third party they trust than something that is advertised.
  • A good public relations plan can get a lot of news outlets interested, which lets the contentreach a lot of people. Also, this medium can help the company make use of some natural touchpoints that would be hard to use in any other way.
  • Compared to paid advertising, public relations is a cheaper way to reach a large number of people.
  • Public relations help the company share more information with the public than other forms of communication.

Disadvantages Of Public Relations

  • There is no direct control over the content that is shared through earned media, unlike paid media. This is the biggest chance you take when you spend moneyon public relations.
  • It's really hard to measure and figure out how well a PR campaign worked.
  • Since the brand doesn't pay for it, a press release won't always be published. The news outlet only puts it out if it thinks its target audience will be interested.

Why Use Case Studies?

Case studies can be found in the fields of public relations, business, law, and marketing. They show how practices and strategies are used in those fields. They show how much work was done for a certain client in order to improve their image and reputation.

Case studies can be either qualitative or quantitative, and they often have parts of both. When you should use a case study and why:

  • You need to know what problems or chances a certain client or organization had.
  • You need descriptions of the solutions offered to clients, organizations, stakeholders, or target audiences.
  • You need proof that using the service has led to measurable results (e.g. engagement, poll results, or revenue increases)

Keep in mind that case studies are often written with potential clients in mind, so the agent or agency is usually shown in a good light.

Find Public Relations Case Studies

Public Relations Case Studies

PR News

PR News, which is a trade magazine, has a lot of case studies. Try searching for "case study" with the quotes.

PR Newswire

This daily newswire often talks about case studies. Try searching for "case study" with the quotes. On their main website, you can also look through recent white papers and case studies.

Public Relations Review

This peer-reviewed, scholarly journal has in-depth case studies. Try searching for "case study" with the quotes.

Arthur W. Page Society

Includes original case studies written by students in an accredited business, communication, or journalism school who are working toward a degree that focuses on corporate communications and the practice of public relations.

PRSA Case Studies

On the PRSA website, there is a database of Silver Anvil case studies that can be searched. To see the full case studies, you need information about your PRSA account.

Business Source Complete

Each issue of Harvard Business Review usually has a case study. This book has articles from that magazine. There are, of course, a lot of other publications that this database covers. Use "Case studies" as a subject keyword along with terms or company names you are interested in.

People Also Ask

What Are The Three Basic PR?

During this process, it's important to keep in mind that your PR outreach should have three main parts: traditional, syndicated, and owned. When you know how each of these three strategies works and how touse them, you can use them more effectively to spread your message.

How Do You Write A Case Study For Public Relations?

Both qualitative and quantitative methods, and sometimes a combination of the two, can be used in case studies. Case studies in public relations:

  • Learn how to diagnose a customer's issue.
  • Specify the company's response.
  • Provide evidence that employing the service has yielded observable benefits.

What Are Examples Of PR Events?

For example, when a brand is about to release a new product, they send out press releases and post them on social mediato let people know what to expect on the day of the launch. When done right, public relations campaigns can not only get results, but they can also create a buzz that affects what people buy.


Public relations (PR) are all the different things a company does to improve and protect the public's view of the company, its products, and its policies. So, the goal is to control what people think about the organization. If you want to learn more about public relations, you can look at the case studies on the websites we told you about.

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