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4 Websites for Free Press Release Distribution Service

At least once a month, use this list of free press release websites and distribution providers to take advantage of the chance. A press release may be viewed as "marketing" by some, while it may be viewed as "education" or "information" by others.

Dec 05, 202119.5K Shares383.1K ViewsWritten By: Alastair MartinReviewed By: James Smith
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At least once a month, use this list of free press release websites and distribution providers to take advantage of the chance. A press release may be viewed as "marketing" by some, while it may be viewed as "education" or "information" by others. Whatever the case may be, if you have anything worth bragging about in your company, brag about it! Press releases keep the rest of the world informed and, potentially...improve your chances of being discovered.

Is there a difference between paying for a press release and using free services? It all depends on your budget and the issue, as well as your competition, the time of year, your reputation, and so on. On all sides of the debate, there are differing viewpoints. In the end, a press release is just one of the thousands of marketing activities on your to-do list.


PRLog logo
PRLog logo

PRLog is a service that distributes press releases for free. PRLog includes HTML links in the text of the press release and distributes it to a number of news sites. On PRLog, there is a daily restriction of two free press release submissions, however all submissions are accepted immediately.

Pros:PRLog has a free plan as well as a number of paid plans to fit any budget.The site optimizes releases for SEOautomatically.For targeted releases, users can include geography and industry identifiers.All publications on the site can include embedded videos and links.All releases are sent to well-known search engines like Yahoo! and Google.All updates are made available via javascript, HTML, and RSS feeds.

Cons:Adsare present on the Free plan.The site is a little clunky and old.Only where releases have been distributed are listed in featured reports.PRLog has a partnership with PRNewswire.com, but consumers will have to pay $359.00 every release to gain access to these extra capabilities.

Newswire Today Review

Newswire logo
Newswire logo

Newswire Today is a free service that distributes press releases. By issuing press releases to news publications, social mediaplatforms, and other networks, the platform helps generate visitors to your website.

Public relations firms, journalists, and news organizations get press releases.

Cons: The free plan includes third-party advertisements.

Conclusion: While Newswire Today has a free plan, their subscription plans come with a lot more features and no third-party adverts.


PR.com logo
PR.com logo

PR.com provides an easy-to-use platform for distributing press releases. Businesses can choose from a variety of economical packages, including one that is absolutely free. While the free plan has a lot of limitations, the paid plans come with a lot of amazing features, such as social network distribution, a search-optimized image, and reports.

More advanced capabilities, such as increased editorial proofreading and same-day distribution, are available at the highest pricing tier. It also includes syndication to the Associated Press Newsroom and other leading media outlets, as well as distribution through PR.com's voice and mobile distribution networks and 10 regional and industry distribution channels.

Pros:Businesses can choose between a free plan and a premium package with a lot of features.File attachments, a search-optimized image, an online publishing report, and social media dissemination are included in all commercial subscriptions.Same-day release, better editorial support, and dissemination to other networks are all part of the top-level strategy.PR.com distributes press releases to journalists and end-users who have opted in to receive them.The software generates a PDF version of press releases automatically.

Cons:The cost of a link on PR.com is $29.95.There is no media contact database on the platform.

Online PR Media

Online PR Media logo
Online PR Media logo

Online PR Media is a free and paid digital press release delivery tool. Syndication to 5,300 websites is advertised on the site, although it is only available on the more expensive plans. While the free option and social media package are both cost-effective, none includes syndication to other news sites.

While all paid plans include an embedded image, up to four anchor text links, and RSS feed syndication, only the top tier plans include GlobeNewswire distribution to trade journals and online, print, and broadcast media. Interactive online reporting, expert editorial, and SEOreview are among the other appealing aspects.

How Much Does Press Release Distribution Cost?

It will cost $350 to distribute your news release locally or in most states. Targeting your top markets or sending your press release regionally will cost $575, and distributing it nationally will cost roughly $805. International dissemination is also available through PR Newswire.

How Good Is PR Newswire?

Overall, it's a fantastic product, although it's somewhat pricey. There are less expensive options, but they do not reach as many top-tier publications as PR Newswire does. When you have vital news that you don't think will get the attention it deserves and that you want to get into the hands of top-tier sites, I propose PR Newswire.

How Much Do Freelance Writers Charge For A Press Release?

As a professional writer, your fees for a press/news release for advertising and public relations should be: high $182, low $30, average $80 per hour. Average $700 per project, with a high of $1,500 and a low of $125. Other: high $2 per word ($750 per page); low $50 per word ($150 per page); average $1.20 per word ($348 per page).

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