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Answers To Important Open Relationship Concerns

Open relationships have been taboo, regardless of upbringing or culture. A relationship is normally based on fundamentals such as refraining from affairs and staying committed.

Sep 20, 20235.9K Shares85.7K ViewsWritten By: Alastair Martin
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Open relationships have been taboo, regardless of upbringing or culture. A relationship is normally based on fundamentals such as refraining from affairs and staying committed. Affairs are not considered cheating to some folks and rather they are an understanding. Some baby boomers prefer Polyamory and open relationships.

An open union defies traditional restrictions hence defining cheating is blurry. When you are in an open relationship, jealousy is seen as hypocritical. These types of relationships restrict very little concerning what you are allowed to partake in with other men, or women.

If you are seeking someone to match these requirements and desires you might have important questions. Most concerns are based on behaviors, what to tolerate, or what to expect from partners. Incidentally, few people inquire about appropriate behavior in an open relationship. Here are some tips on behaviors and expectations in open relationships.


Concerning your partner, it is essential to confide your feelings candidly, and honestly. When you began your relationship, did you disclose all your desires? Maybe you discussed these concerns and never touched the topic again. Revisit the topic with all cards on the table. The lady you met on the Golden Bride dating siteneeds to know before things get contentious. Lay the cards on the table and brace for the outcome.

Ensure that you limit communication with these other partners. If they are sexual partners, keep things physical only. If you have become more than just flings, communicate this with your current partner too. They must know you are not only sleeping around, for lack of a better word, but you are gaining emotional attachments. These characteristics are not what an open relationship is about.

Avoid Mutual Pals

Chances are you and your partner share several mutual friends. These could be online friends, work, church, or the neighborhood. Refrain from dating or having sex with close friends whom your partner knows too. This can only lead to spite and at some point, envy and jealousy. Find strangers and other folks on dating sites to avoid too much familiarity as well.

Avoid Jealousy

Whether you and your partner are the epitome of an open couple, a time comes when jealousy shows its face. This is inevitable. However, the level of jealousy is what matters. If your partner dresses exceptionally well for these dates, you might feel left out. Perhaps you wonder why he, or she, doesn’t look as fabulous with you. The solution is simple; ask them to dress down, or pick the best outfit for them when you have your date.


Pick something to do when he, or she, leaves on a date. This can be a trying time for some, sometimes becoming unnerving. The most emotionally secure partners use this time for self-reflection. They might take time to read a book, watch a movie, journalize, or make a few calls. It might be the best time to review whether or not the open relationship was a good idea too. Whatever you choose to do, focusing on what your partner may or may not be doing, and the fun they are having will be counterproductive.

Bottom Line

An open relationship requires exceptional souls. It requires being selfless at a level few can comprehend. For some, agreeing to an open form of union usually means attaining some peace in their being together. Others may choose open companionship because commitment simply is not in their blood. What is important is remembering to ensure that your partner is okay with it – otherwise, you are simply cheating.

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